selected writing

Against Transmission: The Assumption that Everything is in Everything, The Public School dot Org, and The Reduction of Knowledge to Information

A short paper examining the ideological underpinnings that lend the sense of inevitability to the privatization of public education, as well as some alternatives, which I locate at the intersection of the digital humanities, anarchist "free skool" projects, and the "pedagogical turn" in contemporary arts practice. I presented versions of this paper at the 2014 American Comparative Literature Association National Conference at New York University, for a panel focused on Critical University Studies, as well as at a conference titled "Politics of the Digital: Poetry, Technology, and the University, A Symposium" hosted by UC Santa Cruz's Poetry and Politics Research Collective.

also available for free download as .pdf.

Building: a Critical Spatial Practice (MFA Written Thesis)

This document is the written part of my MFA Thesis project for the Digital Arts and New Media program at UC Santa Cruz. It's about "building." building was a site-attuned participatory art installation and artists’ collective convened during the Digital Arts and New Media MFA studies of Kyle McKinley and Nick Lally. In producing an installation space that replaces traditional, individuated norms of production in the visual arts with a de-centered dialogic model, building offered McKinley and other artists and scholars a site for sharing their observations, games, and interactive sculptural works. This paper examines the art-historical, theoretical, political, and technical frameworks in which building and its constituent projects appeared. MB).

This Is Not A Sign ('Zine)

A rather silly attempt to “theorize” a rather silly collection of interventionist “street signs” that I made in the fall of 2000. This 'zine was made around the same time for Chris Connery’s “space” seminar in the UC Santa Cruz world literature dept, a course that has had many after lives.