For the past few years, Kyle has been teaching as adjunct faculty in the Arts at UC Santa Cruz. Prior to that, he taught there as a Teaching Assistant and a Course Assistant, as well as having taught arts education in elementary schools. Kyle has also had a long standing association with DiY educational non-profits, such as Bike Church Santa Cruz, BICAS of Tucson, and various Free Skool projects. A sustained interest of Kyle's has been the integration of the educational philosophies of such organizations into his formal (i.e. paid) teaching positions.

UCSC courses taught include: Personal and Collective Narratives as Walking Tour (Porter 23B), Concepts and Practice in Digital / New Media (Art 20B), Introduction to Digital Media (Film 20C), Metal Sculpture (Art 183), Introduction to Issues in Digital Media (Art 80F), Introduction to Sculpture and Public Art (Art 20H), and Interactive Art (Art 102). These courses have often resulted in some truly outstanding work, a smattering of which I am pleased to feature here:

Fernando Da Gama, "Spider," mild steel, mixed media, Fall 2014.
Karina A. Monroy, "Nourish," 12g Mild Steel, Fall 2014.
Alex Kahn, "The Bull," mild steel, Fall 2014.
Jessica Levine, "Programming the Unknown," steel, Fall 2014.
Jairo Banuelos, "Differential Gear," mixed media, Fall 2014.
Anthony Penna, "Conscious of the Surroundings," steel, Fall 2014.
Raven Jackson steel rod, Spring 2014.
Nicolas Hahn, "untitled" steel, Spring 2014.
Stephanie Toro, "Marlen," steel rod, Spring 2014.
Kelan Daniel, "A Dialog of Tension," mixed media, Spring 2014.
Cedar Kirwin, "Prosthetic," mixed media, Fall 2011.
Dean Schimmel, "Prosthetic," mixed media, Fall 2011.
Elena Staley, "Space Machine," mixed media objects for game / performance, Spring 2013.
Louise Couzens, "Untitled," mixed media metal fabrication, Spring 2013.

a few videos documenting time-based work by students as well, mostly related to a course I taught titled "Personal and Collective Narratives as Walking Tour" for Porter College: